The Investment Model

The Venture Capital that accelerates
Hi-Tech Enterprises

Marzotto Venture is far more than just venture capital: it is a firm that seeks to invest in innovative start-ups that champion a form of disruptive technology and whose product or service has either found its route to market or is currently in the pre-market phase. In these crucial early market stages, Marzotto Venture aims to convert these start-ups into scale-ups through substantial rounds of investment,

offering tailor-made acceleration services to target business development, international networks, technological upgrades and an increase in sales capacity to name a few.

In order to achieve this, Marzotto Venture works with only the best accelerators and innovation hubs to make exclusively available to these start-ups both the industrial and commercial networks from a large pool of influencers and entrepreneurs.



The Marzotto Venture team is focused on sourcing those opportunities presented by the integration of disruptive technologies and new business models on both an industrial and services scope.

In line with the historic commitments of the Marzotto family, the Venture Accelerator aspires to select, among sectors with strong trend of technological innovation, those initiatives that are synergetic with other holdings in the portfolio, through a selection process based on exclusive assets and strategic drivers

  • A network of upstream and downstream operators (accelerators, third-party venture capitals, business angels, universities, research organizations, major enterprises, SME, etc.), that ensures an effective deal flow and provides a market outlet for exiting the investment
  • Structuring of investment operations for both early-stage start-ups and later-stage scale-ups
  • Focus on highly technological companies (including patent holders)
  • Focus on highly scalable products
  • Support to teams showing strong resilience
  • Focus on companies with potential for international growth

Investment Strategy

Marzotto shares and transfer useful operational, technological and business experiences to scale up companies

The key elements of Marzotto Venture’s strategy

  • The formation of an efficient and fast driver, able to channel public and private funds into risk capital for start-ups and SME with a strong technological trend
  • Development and implementation of open innovation and acceleration programs aimed at boosting business growth
  • Direct support through an in-house team of experts – both technology and business managers – focused exclusively on the investees’ management and leadership development
  • A disruptive asset allocation formula, based on the synergic management of the investees, shared with other funds, big enterprises and SMEs
  • Incentives to enter new markets
  • The establishment of networks (commercial, technological and supply) between start-ups and SMEs in portfolio
  • National and international investor scouting - also through the sponsorship of events - to promote co-investments

Marzotto Venture’s Investment Philosophy

  • Focus on qualified and/or highly specialized management
  • Investing in minority shares
  • Preference for capital increase operations
  • Clear and defined exit strategy
  • Focus on start-ups and PMIs with a turnover not exceeding 50 mln euros
  • Targeting companies with a clear differentiation strategy and evident competitive advantages, possibly based on solid intellectual property

The Network and Partners

Marzotto Venture is interconnected with a variety of large companies, investors and technology experts

Marzotto Venture supports start-ups through shares of risk capital, favouring investment operations backed by market players specialising in the enhancement of various development strategies such as incubators, accelerators, business angles and advisors.

Marzotto’s acceleration model is based on the concept of Open Innovation,streamlining these start-ups through new strategies of innovation and R&D from medium to large companies so as to create a potential synergy and extend the reach of these companies in their early stages of market.


The Investment Sectors

Specific areas of innovation in product and process, object of investment by Marzotto Venture

Smart Manufacturing

  • Advanced Automation
  • Smart Planning, Integration & Execution
  • Smart Logistics & Retail

Smart Energy

  • Smart Grid
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Renewable Energy Technology
  • Smart Metering & Smart Asset Management

Smart Environment

  • Cleantech
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Cybersecurity

Smart Living

  • Smart Urban Mobility
  • Smart Tourism
  • Last-Mile Logistics

Smart Building

  • Building Energy Management System
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Home Automation


  • Smart Agricolture
  • Food Sciences
  • Biotechnology

Cutting Edge Technologies

We are nevertheless interested in initiatives based on disruptive technologies such as eg. The next ten big things of the IDM (Intelligent Digital Mesh, see Gartner):



Marzotto Venture, in partnership with Copernico, Gala Lab e Rome Innovation Hub, is launching a Call for Ideas Contest directed at start-up teams with a promising business idea and who are willing to accelerate their respective projects with the aim of fulfilling significant growth objectives in the first development phases.

This initiative targets both start-ups and unregistered enterprises, whose participation increases their own potential in reaping the benefits and subsidies from the "Pre-Seed" Contest, a competition to spark the birth of new high-tech entrepreneurial leaderships.


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